The Inner Fitness™ Program is a personal training program, with tangible skills and practices for healing, awakening, navigating and living your healthiest and most wholehearted life. This program is designed for accelerated transformation and awakening from the inside-out. It will show you have to make the necessary shifts in perspective and perception of yourself and the world and guide you through practices and skills needed to gracefully and efficiently navigate all aspects of your life.  Inner Fitness puts you in the drivers seat or your life, shows you how to be the best driver you can be and sets you on a path that reflects your best self!

The Inner Fitness™ Program is a 5-session comprehensive personal growth and life transformational workshop designed for individuals and groups.  Just as a physical fitness program builds your muscles, health and stamina, the Inner Fitness Program offers a tangible set of skills and practices that build and strengthen your most desirable inner qualities and characteristics. It will guide you to live your life fully from your unique place of personal inner strength and well being.  

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Whether you are seeking a full life overhaul, or just a few tweaks and positive changes, personal coaching is an exciting process that utilizes all the skill building from the Inner Fitness Program, and makes it personal to you. Discover the incredible power and freedom that arises when you take full ownership and responsibility for all of your life.  Personal Coaching begins with taking a personal inventory, examining yourself and your life, the positives and negatives, strengths and weaknesses, with clarity and compassion, and recognizing that you have always been it's creator.

Coaching is a highly effective way to greatly accelerate the process of positive change.  Having a coach means you have your own personal guide and support for your unique journey. Together, with curiosity, compassion, love, and a balanced blend of humor and seriousness, we sort through your life “stories” and habits that are not working for you, and create new ones that do!  As your coach, I provide a loving space, skill and wisdom for clarity, healing and positive changes to emerge.

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Cultivating a Positive Company Culture is vital to the success an organization today. Research confirms this and points to the importance of focusing on your greatest assets, your employees. Thriving companies today recognize the need for creating an environment that promotes well being and satisfaction for all of its employees. 

Most will agree that talent, skill, and hard work are important components for building a successful organization. However, in todays business world, it’s not enough.  All current ROI studies clearly show that a workplace that also values great communication, positive leadership, and the overall health and wellness of employees have the best chance at success, and sustaining it. These are the new "value added" components that bring it all powerfully together, to create the magic of a thriving organization today. This is the focus of workplace coaching, and it has the power to transform your workplace.

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