Inner Fitness™ is a step-by-step map for moving past old wounds and becoming your optimal self.  In essence, this program guides you to establish daily practices and habits that rewire your brain and your heart for their highest functioning. A practice of inner fitness shows you how to see yourself and your life clearly, without harsh judgment, how to feel your emotions fully and authentically, and how to live all the various aspects of your life most wisely.

The wisdom and practices come primarily from spiritual traditions of the world, the latest neuroscience and psychology research, my own extensive training and experience as a personal and professional Life Coach, and last but not least, my experience as a human being in today's world. 

When you are “fit” in your inner world, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes will all line up to best serve you.  From this place of wisdom and equanimity, the choices and decisions that align you with your best self and desired outcomes become natural and spontaneous.

Each lesson offers pragmatic tools and techniques to deepen your self awareness, self esteem, self love, self respect, self confidence, self acceptance and self worth... a solid foundation for any life journey!  Just as a physical fitness practice builds a healthy physical body, establishing a daily practice of Inner Fitness will realign and rebuild your internal world with healthy thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes that lead to making healthy and powerful choice and decision. These are the necessary components for creating and manifesting your best life!  Nothing changes until you do!


Lesson 1: The Big Shift

It's a choice

The ability to experience fear is important for our survival. The problem is that we often end up stuck living in deeply rooted patterns of fright, leading to a life filled with increased stress and struggle. This perspective is the paradigm of fear and distortion. It is characterized by feeling powerless, stressed, unconscious, disconnected or stuck.

Imagine if your lived your life a more expansive and clear minded perspective in which you feel empowered, conscious, present, connected and free. When you are functioning from this paradigm you can see the truth without dramatic distortion and unnecessary stress. This perspective is the paradigm of love, and it operates from truth and wisdom.
Become mindful of your state of being, and directly challenge the voice of fear so that it doesn't run your life. this leasson will help you make the distinction between living from love or fear. The choice is yours!


Lesson 2: Healthy Inner Dialog

Thoughts matter

Have you ever really listened to your inner dialogue? Is your habit to be critical of yourself or others? To varying degrees, we all have an inner critic that says something like "I'm not enough", or "I'm not good enough", or some kind of "not enough" story. Many of us experience ourselves as having lesser or greater value based on factors such as financial wealth, physical beauty, achievements, career, fame, etc.

Imagine creating your own ideal inner-best-friend that always tells you the truth, without judgment or indulgence, and inspires you to be your best self and live your best life.

In this lesson you will learn how you can cultivate your most wise and nurturing inner voice, and navigate life's circumstances with grace and ease. This is your nurturing parents voice. The nurturing parent help you see yourself and your life more clearly, heal old wounds, and become your wisest and most joyous adult self. Your "adult" self welcomes both successes and failures, joys and challenges, and takes ownership and responsibility for creating all of it.


Lesson 3: Emotional Fluency

Permission to feel

It is time to stop stuffing and bypassing our emotions and learn how to full embrace and be empowered by them. Having access to a full range of emotions is an important key to living a powerful and deeply satisfying life. We are always feeling something, and what we feel has a powerful influence on our lives, and on the lives of those around us. Being present and self-respecting means, responding to your emotions, honestly and appropriately.

In this lesson you will learn make distinctions and recognize when you are feeling authentic and healthy emotions, and when you might be stuck in an unhealthy emotional state such as blame, guilt and self-pity. You will learn how to navigate your emotional world with greater ease and express and communicate your emotions in positive ways.


Lesson 4: Ownership and Responsibility

Be responsible

What does it really mean to "create your own reality" and live an empowered Life?

Do you sometimes blame other people or circumstances for making you feel stressed or unhappy? Perhaps you blame yourself for your lack of progress and satisfaction? Are you trying hard to improve yourself and your life, but still feel like you aren't good enough or haven't accomplished enough, or perhaps you are in an extended state of overwhelm?

In this lesso you will learn a 4 step technique for taking healthy ownership and responsibility for all of your life, the ups and the downs, your successes and failures, your positive and negative impact. It is possible to end the cycle of powerlessness and leave behind patterns of stress, unhappiness and struggle and live an empowered life.


Lesson 5: Manifest Your Best Life

Manifest your dreams

We've all heard the saying "you create your own reality". What does this mean, how do we do it, and do it well? If we are creating and manifesting our lives all the time, why don't we just create exactly what we want? The answer, I believe, is that we live much of our life unconsciously.

In this lesson you will integrate the previous lessons and skills that have shown how you can become mindful of your inner thoughts and feelings, aware of your underlying beliefs and attitudes, and conscious of the choices and decisions you are making in your life. You will also learn how to recognize and interrupt the negative patterns that create stress and struggle, the practical techniques for building your self-esteem and self-confidence, how to become your best self and create your best life.